Voice Search for Local Businesses – Is SEO Trend Changing?

Google I/O, an annual conference, was held on May 18 and hundreds of developers participated in this conference. The topics that were discussed in this conference included natural language processing, artificial intelligence, translation and voice recognition. Moreover, new announcement were also made regarding launch of new services; i.e. Google Assistant, Allo and Google Home.

The first to discuss is the Google Home, which is a device made to compete with Amazon Echo. This device operates on voice commands. It receives commands and finds answers via Google search. It uses Google Assistant as a firmware which does all the functions.

Another service is Allo. It’s a messaging app which is based on machine learning. It means that regular usage would let Allo know your style of messaging. This learning aspect would help Allo to arrange suggestions while you perform messaging. This app would also allow you to make local searches such as hotel reservation and booking details. Moreover, Allo also uses Google Assistant, making it easier for you to search information according to your needs.

With the announcement of these new features and products, it has become clear that voice search is going to have significant value in the future.

The factors, which can bring voice search out to see the light of day, are machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. According to an unofficial study on voice searching, it was found that machine learning and artificial intelligence, made to respond voice commands, took into consideration the factors beyond typical SEO elements. Those factors were the URL’s text and content analysis based on emotion and tone in the voice commands.

The ones who are going to get major benefit from this announcement regarding integration of voice searching features are the local business owners. Voice search primarily targets the local businesses because of their easy access to the users.

Performing conventional and Amazon SEO to target voice searches could be a little different methodology. It may involve collection of data by calling different people and noting their responses for the products or services. Hence, the questionnaire has to be developed in a smart way.

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